Month: October 2017


Sure it feels pretty relaxing and great to come home after a long day and unwind with a glass of wine or perhaps something stronger (depending on your preference!), but what if you could take it to the next level? In other words, if you would like to enjoy a drink without having to drag yourself out to an actual bar, what if the bar came to you? Intrigued? Well, mini bars have been a popular feature in modern homes, and more people are choosing to designate a space for this very important purpose. So if you have been contemplating on the idea for a while, here are a few tips to bear in mind. DECIDE ON A STYLEHow your mini bar finally ends up looking depends on what style you prefer. Are you more of a contemporary-minimalistic person, or are more into rustic, earthy finishes? There are plenty of other styles out there waiting to be researched, so get started. Pinterest is a goldmine for this sort of thing, plus you can save all your favourites for when you want to revisit them all. The style is what will bring all the rest of its elements together, including whether you want that eurocave wine fridge or not, so it is first on your agenda. SIZEYour mini bar can be any size you want, but of course it will be dictated by some limitations. The amount of space you have for the job is obviously one. The other is, your entertaining purposes. Do you normally have just a few friends over on occasion sharing a few drinks, or are you looking to host parties the Playboy mansion would be proud of? Once you have selected your style, you need to decide on how big the bar is actually going to be. How many people can you seat at maximum at the bar itself? How much room can you have between the counter and the wall? Remember you also want to be able to move, so think practically as you do imaginatively. BE CREATIVEYou could either end up with a drab minibar or something that is completely out of this world, purely based on your creativity. You need not conform to designs. You can opt for a circular bar instead of a square one for instance, or choose to have stools of different heights. You can even have a selection of glasses for all types of alcohol, for an artistic touch like spiegelau craft beer glass. Your imagination has no limits, except perhaps your budget, so make sure that you lay that out first. You will have a better idea of what you can afford then. COLLECT BOTTLESWhen you, friends or family travel, try and remember to save any bottles from those trips. They need not be full, just for d├ęcor is fine. It is quite nice to have a collection of liquor bottles from different parts of the world put up on display, and they make for interesting conversation pieces too. If your mini bar is small though, there is no need to stuff it beyond its capacity. Just place them strategically, so they give it some personality.